The History of PGA

PGA Group began life in 1969 as an interstate road transport service business known as CUBICO, specializing in the movement of high-volume, low-density products. Over more than 20 years, other transport and/or logistics businesses were developed and, in 1989, they were all grouped together as divisions of PGA (LOGISTICS) PTY LTD.


TASWAY was engaged in sea forwarding to/from Tasmania and New Zealand.


BOXCAR was engaged in rail forwarding to/from Northern and Western Australia.


CUBICO was engaged in road line-haul transport between Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide.


BULKWAY was engaged in the provision of regional transport and distribution services within each state of Australia.


TEKSTOR was engaged in the provision of regional warehousing and supply chain management services throughout Australia.

In 1999 PGA (LOGISTICS) PTY LTD was merged with similar elements of MAYNE NICKLESS LIMITED, to form MPG (LOGISTICS) PTY LTD. At that time, major customers introduced by PGA to the merger included the following:

  • ACI (Insulation)
  • Bowater-Scott
  • CSR (Bradford Insulation)
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Kellogg
  • Kimberley Clark
  • Pacific Dunlop
  • Paper Converting
  • Southcorp (Appliances)
  • The Smiths Snackfoods Company

PGA Group sold its shares in the merged vehicle in 2000.


SANT is engaged in providing consulting services to the owners of the Adelaide to Darwin railway.

Since 2001, the group has been structured along the three divisional lines of: