PGA is invested and directly engaged in a range of commercial businesses. Key areas of interest for PGA include: transport & logistics, tourism & leisure and food & agriculture.


FBT-Transwest specializes in the carriage, storage and handling of hazardous and non-hazardous products in bulk in road tankers, ISO tanks, containers, Flexi bags and various other forms of packaging.

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Arthurs Seat Eagle

The Eagle is an award winning new tourism attraction on the Mornington Peninsula. The Eagle has more than 30 gondolas carrying passengers between the base station in Dromana and the summit of Arthurs Seat.

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Sea Forest

Sea Forest is the world’s leading player in the cultivation and production of Asparagopsis. This seaweed, when included in very low quantities as a feed supplement, greatly reduces the production of methane from livestock. Asparagopsis is considered one of the most powerful weapons in the fight against climate change.

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Mainstream Aquaculture

Mainstream Aquaculture produces premium Barramundi grown in pristine spring water extracted from geothermal basins well below the earth’s surface.

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Trees Adventure

Trees Adventure is Australia’s largest treetop and zipline eco-adventure company. Now having acquired the complementary TreeTops business, Trees Adventure now operates across 14 locations in Victoria, NSW, Queensland, Western Australia and Tasmania.

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King Island Cattle Company

King Island Cattle Company Pty Ltd is engaged in beef cattle production in Tasmania.